by Wander Wildner

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O Tempo 04:13
the Universe is testing me to see where I'm going I'm saving the time waiting for you to arrive I'm living the moment and watching the Time go by I'm feeling in the wind the whole world calming down I'm dreaming happy and watching everything spin I'm stuck in Time hearing him speak
A Vida 05:17
Oh my love, you ask me what life is Life is energy, it is a strength that is in you inside you Everything that moves has life, because everything has energy The wind has life, and it is the energy that moves the mill Water has life, and it is the energy that moves plants You have life, and it's the energy that moves you in the world Oh my love, now you know what life is Life is energy, it is a strength that is in you inside you The sun is pure energy, it is rich in vitamin D The sun energizes the food we eat during the day The sun charges the batteries, solar from our house The sun is pure energy and feeds everything here on earth The land shelters and feeds us, and all animals depend on it The earth is like our home, but it is much bigger The earth has life like us, because we are all energy Oh my love, now you know what life is Life is energy, it is a strength that is in you within you, that overflows and is infinite within you
Vivi is happy because she knows how to make things work and besides she is playful Every day she goes outside to play in the yard Which is spacious and has the sun shining in the sky Whenever you can go to the square that has a skate park, and it goes up and down the ramp There's also the balance and she's learning Swinging by herself moving her legs She is now learning to climb trees And soon he'll be planting a banana tree
A Realidade 04:27
Selfishness is globalized Separativeness is an illusion The world is very predictable When you see only externally But it's a mystery when you dive into it Reality is not outside of you, it is inside of you If I don't commit to growing up How can I and how should I I will miss a future appointment Someone will be waiting for me and I won't be there It is my commitment to humanity


The EP Qua4tro Qu4rtos Qu4rtos de Qu4rentena Qu4ntica was composed and recorded during the first quarantine period on Planet Earth in the year 2020.


released June 12, 2020

Wander Wildner




Wander Wildner Brazil

Mandatory entry of the virtual encyclopedia of Brazilian rock since the time he was the vocalist of the band Os Replicantes in the 80s, Wander Wildner debuted his solo career in 1996 with the album Baladas Sangrentas, recorded by his friend and legendary producer Tom Capone. ... more

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